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Nothing's Real and Nothing Lasts

Wanda Maximoff
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one must still have
in oneself to be able
to give birth to
a dancing star

This is the Role-playing Journal of Wanda Maximoff aka The Scarlet Witch.


Wanda Maximoff is a mutant, possibly the most powerful mutant on the planet (it all depends on if Jean Grey is currently alive or not....). Her mutation and vague training in chaos magic allows her to do anything -- the way it works the more improbable something is the more likely she can do it. There are limitations and her own willpower interferes for good or bad. Wanda is Magneto's daughter and Pietro's twin sister. (Lorna Dane is maybe a half-sister, Wanda's not entirely convinced.)

At heart, Wanda is a good, gentle soul. Unfortunately she is also completely insane. This journal follows both 616 Marvelverse and Ultimate verse as well as fanon plotlines -- probably all at the same time. Wanda can do that. It's MAGIC.


Graphics by me; they feature Vanessa Anne Hudgens.
Lyrics in Banner and Layout: "Every Little Thing She Does is Magic", The Police
Quote in top userinfo: Friedrich Nietzsche
Quote in bottom userinfo: "Just Like Honey", Jesus and the Marry Chain
I am not affiliated with Marvel Comics or Miss Hudgens.

Listen to the girl as she takes on half the world